Guest Policies

Cancellation Policy
When a reservation is placed, the guest accepts all financial responsibility for the entirety of the reservation.  In the event of a cancellation, any unpaid balances will be charged upon notification. A return of you deposit is solely based on our ability to re-book your rental unit for the duration of your reservation less a $100 re-booking fee.

Check in/Check out
Check in time is 3:00 pm
Check out time is 11:00 am

Quiet Time
Quiet time is 11pm-8 am, please be considerate of others with noise and music during quiet time.

Extra Guests
A $20 per guest per night fee will be applied towards your stay for exceeding the rated occupancy of your rental unit.  Please arrange for an extra guest before your arrival.  All guests must be registered before your reservation date. 

Visitor Policy
We do not allow for visitors on the property, the beach, or in the rental units.  Guests are restricted to the members that are registered at the time of the booking.

Housekeeping Policy
All cabins and rentals are considered housekeeping units, which means you leave your unit the way you found it. Guests are responsible for vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down surfaces, washing dishes, and emptying their trash and recycling in the proper dumpster at the entrance of the property.  Units needing excessive cleaning will be subject to an additional fee at our discretion.

Pet Policy
Dogs are the only pets allowed, with a limit of 1 dog in dog-friendly cabins.
Dog Fee $35 per night. The Lake Cabin does not permit dogs. Please specify at the time of booking if you will be bringing a dog.  Additional fees apply. We reserve the right, and will restrict breeds due to excessive shedding and those thought to have an aggressive nature.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds.  We suggest you bring sheets from home to cover furniture and aid in the ease of your clean up when checking out. Dogs are not allowed on docks except when loading them into your watercraft. Dogs must be attended to at all times and kept on a leash when outside on the grounds. Pick up after your dog and toss deep into the wooded area.  There are shovels located at the beach and near the community firepit. DO NOT throw dog poop into the trash or dumpsters.  Your dog may swim in posted area at the far end of the beach, as long as he behaves, is not bothering others, and listens to your commands.  NO EXCESSIVE BARKING.

Wisconsin state law prohibits the moving of non-certified firewood from any location.  You may not bring your own wood onto the property.  Firewood is for sale using an HONOR SYSTEM near the office for $20 per bundle stacked in marked compartments.  A wheel barrel is available for your convenience to get the wood to your site. A drop box accepting cash and checks is available at the office door. Call for a trailer load delivered to your site.

Bathroom and Shower House
The bathroom and shower house is restricted to the use of our seasonal RV campers.  Please clean up after yourself by removing hair on drains, and any excretions that are not flushed down the toilet.  Cleaning products and toilet brushes are available in each bathhouse.  Please respect the “what not to flush” rules posted.  If you are out of toilet paper, soap, or paper towels, please let us know.

Beach Safety
Swimming is at your own risk.  There is no lifeguard on duty. Children under 12, must be accompanied by an adult when swimming. No glass containers around the beach area and please bring your trash back up with you.

Due to insurance liability, fireworks and firearms, including BB and pellet guns, airsoft, paintball, etc. are not allowed on the resort grounds. Note: CCW permit holders may use discretion.

Two vehicles only per site. Please Park parallel to your tent/camper out of the main drives. Cabin rental parking is posted by your cabin. If you have a trailer, we will show you where you can park it out of the way.

Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, fighting, obscene language, obnoxious, disruptive or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated. You may be evicted from the property with no refund.

Illegal drugs of any form are prohibited on the property of Cranberry Lake Resort &Campground. Person(s) caught in violation of this rule are subject to immediate eviction without a refund and possible criminal charges.

All facilities and equipment of the resort are intended for use by our guests. All persons use the facilities at THEIR OWN RISK and consent. The resort owner is NOT RESPONSIBLE for accident due to fire, theft, wind, flood, personal negligence, acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances. The registered guest is responsible for all individuals and pets at their site and financially for any damage or harm caused to the resort and campground or persons.